SMO-01: Pick The Right Niche

Niche Marketing

Start your business the right way – Pick The Right Niche!

Duration: 14 Minutes

Description: Still struggling with this “niche” thing? Do you have a bunch of keywords picked out but still aren’t sure that you’ve got a winner? Do you want to make sure that the business that you’ve picked has the right kind of customer to make it a success?

Here’s the outline of the Start Marketing Online Course. Learn how to pick the right Niche market – before you invest too much.

Resources: If you haven’t already downloaded my ebook 52 Secrets, click here now! This manual supports the videos in the “Pick The Right Niche” course.

These are two “must have” software tools if you are serious about niche marketing. Even if you are a niche marketer that isn’t focusing exclusively on an Adsense business model this niche marketing software can make your work load much smaller.

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  1. I often wonder how much niche research most people do when they’re super passionate about what they do. Would you spend your time on something that you love that doesn’t earn any money? Ask yourself that question before you start these videos.

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