SBH-23: The Master List Builder

Small Business Heroes – Interview With Master List Builder Joel Christopher

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Running Time: 60 Minutes

Join Me As I Interview Small Business Hero Joel Christopher

Description: Start to "Eavesdrop on the Experts"

Small Business Heroes provide valuable goods and services  – and generates huge amounts of cash for their customers and themselves.  They provide a ton of value and get paid huge amounts of money for doing it.

The biggest problem is that what they are doing today and the deals they put together are done in private, behind closed doors.

There's a simple reason. Do you want to know why they do it this way? It's because on the internet,  tactics that worked for them yesterday are not guaranteed to work exactly the same way today.  They can't let themselves fall behind or get lost in the noise.  They have to continually keep up with their partners and competition. While new ideas may come quickly, it's their ability to test and implement the idea that sets them apart. 

A Small Business Hero is only as successful as their network.  If you had an existing network of internet marketing experts as friends as partners,  who were already generating huge sums of cash from their web sites, wouldn't you call on them for help?

Remember that the law of attraction states that "like attracts like". People that think and act the same will be pulled towards each other. 

You already know this from your own experience, don't you?  You've seen it at work and at play. People who have common interests gravitate towards each other.  This is no different when it comes to successful internet marketers.

So when it comes time for a Small Business Hero to create a new product, test a new idea, consider a new way to earn money, change the way they do business, build or buy new tools, implement a strategy, look for a joint venture partner, think about building their business faster… who do you think they will talk to first?

Imagine if you could gain access to this network of  Small Business Heroes? What would it be like to "eavesdrop on experts" and join them behind closed doors?

Everyone would like to know what the successful small business owners are really doing… especially if it can be done with little or no effort!

Even if you think that learning from these experts takes years of time, energy and expense, don't worry. You don't need to be a rocket scientist or web designer  to join the other Small Business Heroes in grabbing your share of business!

All you need is the drive to "recognize" an idea that you can use and act on it. When you are behind the scenes with these experts you'll have advanced knowledge of what is working and why today! You'll always be ahead of the masses — with the direct experience of the best in the business!

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