Blog Marketing Map

Click Here To Download The Adobe PDF that Contains The Interactive MindMap.

It’s the easiest thing to do when you get started with WordPress…

Skim from video to video, course to course without taking any action. I’ve seen it more than once, the phone call or email comes in to the support desk asking if there is a video on a particular topic.

They want to know if a specific task is covered in one of the videos or they say they can’t get started yet because they don’t know where to start.

All of the steps are included with your paying membership, in fact all of the videos and courses are laid out in a specific series of steps, action items, that need to be followed.

The reason most people don’t’ follow the steps is because they don’t follow the map, they skim from section to section looking for a magic bullet.

There isn’t a magic bullet! There isn’t a single ingredient! Your business requires the right ingredients in the right amount put together with a proven process.

Skipping the process laid out on this site kills your chances of success.  So when you’ve unlocked the Blogging For Profit course and have WordPress up and running, you’ll want to follow the steps outlined in our FullContact  Blogging For Profit Marketing Map.

If you have trouble with Interactive PDF ( it requires flash to run) you can open a support ticket or download the same fully expanded map as an image file.  The image is quite large and you won’t be able to open and contract the different nodes of the map for optimum viewing… but all the same information and steps to follow will be there.

Download The Static Image Version – Click Here


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