Managed WordPress Security Update

Managed WordPress Security Update

Keeping your WordPress site save and sound is more important than many bloggers think.   It only becomes important after your WordPress Blog has been hacked or compromised by the bad guys!

Having Managed WordPress Hosting means that your host takes care of the technical security stuff which leaves more time for you to focus on the marketing stuff.  Here a FullContact Sites we add the WordFence plugin to your sites for an added level of security.   WordFence does stuff like regular scans of your site to look for files that may have been changed or uploaded and sophisticated filtering and blocking of bad guy attempts to login to your site.   (You’d be surprised how much this happens – The current frequency of attacks we’re seeing across all WordPress sites running Wordfence is 7043 attacks per minute

All FullContact Sites have the newest version of WordFence running today which includes these new fixes and features:

Feature: Prevent discovery of usernames through ‘?/author=N’ scans. New option under login security which you can enable.

  • Fix: Introduced new global hash whitelist on our servers that drastically reduces false positives in all scans especially theme and plugin scans.
  • Fix: Fixed issue that corrupted .htaccess because stat cache would store file size and cause filesize() to report incorrect size when reading/writing .htaccess.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where Wordfence Security Network won’t block known bad IP after first login attempt if “Don’t let WordPress reveal valid users in login errors” option is not enabled.
  • Fix: Sites installed under a directory would sometimes see Falcon not serving cached docs.
  • Fix: If you are a premium customer and you have 2FA enabled and your key expires, fixed issue that may have caused you to get locked out.
  • Improvement: If your Premium API key now expires, we simply downgrade you to free scanning and continue rather than disabling Wordfence.
  • Improvement: Email warnings a few days before your Premium key expires so you have a chance to upgrade for uninterrupted service.

Wordfence is the Leading Cyber Security solution for WordPress.  That’s why we include it with your Managed WordPress Hosting account or FullContact eLearning Campus.  It provides a Complete Anti-Virus and Firewall Package for your WordPress Website including Two Factor Authentication, a Firewall incorporating Machine Learning and Tools to help Recover from a Hack.