New Twitter Handle and FaceBook Page

New Twitter Handle and FaceBook Page

I really have too many…


Part of the reason I’ve been working on consolidating my business activities stems from the number of handles I found myself having to manage..  Social media nicknames and handles give you a good ideas of  how focused your business is.

I had too many handles.

  • mysmallbizu
  • thumbidextrous
  • wphostmanaged
  • jmaduk
  • jamesmaduk
  • fullcontact
  • fullcontactsites
  • fullcontactcampus

At the time they seemed like the right thing to do.  I had different sites for different services and products.  In the end they are too scattered.  so here’s the new twitter handle

FaceBook Page:

Twitter Page: 

Feel free to follow along..

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