Social Media Profiles Can Predict Your Success

Social Media Profiles Can Predict Your Success

Your Social Media Profiles and Handles Can Tell You If Your Going To Be Successful Online.

Sell Courses OnlineIt’s a mistake I’ve made more than once!

… which is really sad when you think about it.  By now you’d think I’d have my message straight.  A single concise offer to a starving crowd who would love to whip out their wallets and give me everything they had in it.

I think about marketing too much.  Always trying to find the latest and greatest tool and tactic to move my business to the next level.  As a result the “BFC” that I make is often muddled or changes depending on whom I’m talking too.

An easy way to tell is by the number of Social Media handles I/You have and each of the associated profiles.

My Mom never told me about this and that’s why it’s the topic for today’s Secret.  Listen now…


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