WordPress Time Wasters

WordPress Time Wasters

There are always WordPress tasks that you CAN do…

Sell Courses OnlineBut SHOULD you be doing them?

Most people work from some sort of to-do or task list.  Whether it’s on paper, in a calendar, evernote, onenote or any name you can come up with.  I was looking at my to-do list this morning and after talking to 2 clients I had phone consultations with I was reminded of a simple idea that Bob Proctor taught me many years ago.

He said to be successful as a sales professional you only had to do 1 thing.

Be out of the office in front of a customer by 8 AM every morning.

Have an appointment every morning scheduled for 8 AM.

I was thinking about this after looking through the tasks I had assigned myself this morning and asking myself of the tasks I had listed on my to-do list which ones were ones that I CAN do and which ones were tasks that I SHOULD do?

Whether it’s your business or your WordPress Blog.. there are tasks that you probably CAN do bust the more important question is are they tasks that you SHOULD be doing?

My Mom never told me about this and that’s why it’s the topic for today’s Secret.  Listen now…


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