New WordPress Yoast SEO Secrets

WordPress Search Engine Optimization

Here’s a great new step-by-step course that teaches you how to Optimize your WordPress Site for maximium traffic.

WordPress Yoast SEO Secrets

… but there’s a small problem with the course!

I”m just adding the videos to the list so not every will be online until Wednesday of this week.

To make it up to you I’d like to sweeten the pot while all the resources for this new course are uploaded.

If you purchase a copy of WordPress SEO secrets this week I’ll also include a copy of my best selling

Get Ranked 1st On Google

Pickup a copy of WordPress SEO secrets and get started today. I’ve included all the WordPress SEO tips, tricks tactics and strategies you need to get the traffic you deserve.

Drive Qualified Traffic To Your WordPress Blog

New WordPress SEO Plugin Updates Today.

Looking for organic WordPress traffic?

You know the kind that you supposedly don’t have to work for?  Then make sure to update your WordPress sites to the newest version of Yoast’s WP Seo.

WP SEO is the best plugin for creating Search engine compelling WordPress Blogs and the one we recommend at FullContact Sites Managed WordPress Hosting.  There’s a brand new update out right now and we’ve covered how to best use all the SEO features for real targeted traffic at your WordPress Site.

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New 52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me Landing Page

Managed WordPress Hosting and Internet Marketing Training

I’ve been updating my “Money Spokes” over the last month.  Today is all about the landing/squeeze pages.

So here’s a blast from the past.

I wrote my first Internet Marketing book in 2001 entitled “52 Secrets My Mom Never Told Me About Internet Marketing”.  It’s a real book, not a flimsy link infested lead generation bait and switch kind of pdf :-).

The key to this book is that the internet marketing process that I outlined throughout the 240 pages is evergreen.  In fact it’s the exact same process that I’m using today almost 15 years later!

So if you’re interested in how I got started make sure to visit the updated squeeze page at and download a personal copy.

Hope you enjoy.

Facebook Traffic Drying Up For You?

Big Brands are starting to leave Facebook, wondering why?


Listen to todays podcast and learn the secret to generating long term traffic for your WordPress Blog and protecting yourself from the ebb and flow of great free traffic sources.

Notice I said Free.

I’m counting on the end of great free organic traffic being free on Facebook and I’ll share the strategy I’m using so listen in.

Resources Mentioned:

WordPress Mobile Social Media Marketing

Big Brands Leaving Facebook


Facebook Traffic Drying Up For You?

Big Brands are starting to leave Facebook, wondering why?


Listen to todays podcast and learn the secret to generating long term traffic for your WordPress Blog and protecting yourself from the ebb and flow of great free traffic sources.

Notice I said Free.

I’m counting on the end of great free organic traffic being free on Facebook and I’ll share the strategy I’m using so listen in.

Resources Mentioned:

WordPress Mobile Social Media Marketing

Big Brands Leaving Facebook


Are You A Facebook Marketer? Popular Brand Leaves Facebook, Will Others Follow?

Things were bound to change at Facebook, they have to make money from all the people that visit, but have they gone too far?

Over the last month I’ve personally noticed a more than subtle change in what and who shows up on my timeline, have you?

Seems that some bigger brand names are starting to feel the pinch as well.  A post from WebProNews this morning shows just how far some Brands are going

Here are a few samples from the letter:

…your algorithm is saying most of our friends don’t care about sushi porn, that they aren’t interested in hearing our deepest thoughts about pizza toppings. Are you listening to yourself? Do you know how ridiculous that sounds? You know that all those people clicked ‘Like’ on our page because it’s full of provocatively posed burritos and cheese puns, right?

Truth be told, your actions make us feel like you don’t respect us….All we do is give, and all you do is take. We give you text posts, delicious food photos, coupons, restaurant recommendations… and what do you do in return? You take them and you hide them from all our friends. Maybe you steal our random musings about pork buns and claim them as your own. Guess we’ll never know.

Even if we could figure out your mysterious, all-knowing algorithm, it’s constantly changing, so what works today might not work tomorrow. Posting something that most of our friends see is like biting into a burrito and actually getting all seven layers…never gonna happen. The point is, you’re wasting our time and cock-blocking food porn from our friends. Not cool, Facebook, not cool.


But the bigger picture issue is that we can’t trust you. You lied to us and said you were a social network but you’re totally not a social network. At least not anymore. When we log in to Facebook, we want to see what Aunt Judy is doing next weekend (hopefully baking us cupcakes) and read hilarious headlines from The Onion and see pictures of a cat who got his head stuck in the couch cushions.

You get the idea. Hell, you’re probably going through something similar (unless you’re Buzzfeed or a few other white-listed sites that Facebook has deemed to be of “quality”).

Eat24 said it would delete its Facebook presence at 11:59 P.M. on Monday night. Sure enough, it’s gone. If you search for it on Facebook, it shows up in the results preview, but when you click on it, you’re simply redirected to the homepage.

Facebook’s Brandon McCormick responded to the letter by saying: “Hey Eat24, this is Brandon over at Facebook. I was bummed to read your letter. The world is so much more complicated than when we first met – it has changed. And we used to love your jokes about tacquitos and 420 but now they don’t seem so funny. There is some serious stuff happening in the world and one of my best friends just had a baby and another one just took the best photo of his homemade cupcakes and what we have come to realize is people care about those things more than sushi porn (but if we are in the mood for it, we know where to find it Eat24!). So we are sorry that we have to part this way because we think we could still be friends – really we do. But we totally respect you if you need some space.”

So, Facebook’s response to brands is basically, “Oh, you don’t like it? That sucks. See you later.” You have to wonder if that would be the case if a substantial number of brands did the same thing Eater24 is doing. I don’t expect that to actually happen, but what would Facebook do?

Popular Brand Leaves Facebook, Will Others Follow? | WebProNews


One of the things that I’ve always been concerned about with Facebook Marketing is the location of the link?  Where are the posts that you are making to Facebook sending your prospective customer?  In the WordPress Mobile Social Marketing course I spent considerable time going over this very issue, post to WordPress first have WordPress post to the social networks like Facebook.   The reason was the idea that like many other social media networks there is an ebb and flow to their relevancy.  One day your Facebook, the next day your Myspace.

Making sure that you have a constellation of  traffic sources available for your hub site and money spokes is the best bet for long term success selling online.  For example the FullContact WordPress Marketing Blueprint Map breaks traffic down into three unique categories with over 40 different sources of qualified traffic.

Having them as sources though doesn’t mean that they’ll always work for you.  At least that’s why almost 20 years of selling online has taught me!  Be flexible with your tactics, use what’s working WHEN it’s working!

So will Facebook Dry Up as a free traffic source?

I don’t think that drying up is the right description.  They have to make money and they will be charging us for access to the people we want to interact with.  Big Brands already know this so expect more news like “Big Brands Leaving Facebook” in the near future.

If you’re a small business, hedge your bets and follow the Mobile Social Media Marketing mantra of Post to WordPress first and have WordPress post to all the social media networks.

Pagelines DMS 2.0 Framework Available Today!

Our FullContact Sites customers with the powerful drag and drop PageLines DMS WordPress Framework should be happy today.

Pagelines just announced the release of the latest versions of PageLines DMS.


Today, DMS 2 is getting released and we think you’re gonna love it. 

As a PageLines user, I’m writing personally with details and 30% off pricing.

New Features
There are over 110 new features in DMS 2, among them:

  • Comprehensive rich media & video support
  • Over 10 new “rich interaction” sections
  • Post Formats
  • New Drag & Drop Tools
  • Improved Custom Sections and Templates

You can find out more about DMS 2 on the blog, or see it in action on the DMS 2 demo.    If you are Ready to upgrade and want a deal? Through April 9th, you can get 30% off if you use the coupon “dms_two“.

All the FullContact Sites installed Blogs come with PageLines DMS, if you are serious about your business blog, make sure to take a look at this powerful framework.

How To Market Your Blog Webinar

WordPress Blogging Blueprint Webinar

Ever had a marketing problem that you couldn’t find the answer for – no matter how hard you looked? Now you’ll never be stranded again.  Then join us this Wednesday evening and get direct phone access the FullContact Team on our FullContact Blueprint Calls.

Save A Spot: Register For More Details

Join the Webinar: Click Here

We’re available to answer your specific WordPress Marketing questions, you’ll finally get the answers you need to move forward.  Use the Classes Menu for a full listing of upcoming events.

Stay Customer Facing When Blogging With WordPress

WordPress Focused Marketers Spend Less Time With Their Customers!

I know it’s tough.   You are by yourself, starting or trying to run your business and WordPress stuff keeps coming up.

What should you do?  Spend time managing the look and feel of your WordPress Blog?  Perhaps you hear about a new billing system or membership plugin that all the other coaches, speakers, consultants and marketers are using that does just about everything you need done.

… all it will take is a week of your time getting setup and running the way you want right?


After 20 years online I’ve seen my fair share of technology time wasters and WordPress is one of them (it doesn’t have to be).

Today’s Podcast serves as a simple reminder when you get up each day or morning, thinking about where you should spend your most valuable asset – your time!  Listen in.

Keyword Rich Domain Names Are Important

managed wordpress marketing podcast

Are you domain names keyword rich? They should be!

Keyword Rich Domains Are Important for great Google Rankings, and that’ exactly why I just registered another domain name for my new How To Market A Blog Course.

I actually registered 2 great domain names so stay tuned to see how they fit into the Hub and Spoke Marketing System.  The two major issues coaches consultants, speakers and independent professionals continually run into are getting a Blog Setup and using it properly, and secondly learning how to market what they do and teach from their WordPress powered Blog.

That’s why I already have the service and managed WordPress Hosting.

Well today I also registered these two additional domain names to complete the package.  They’ll be uses a s landing/squeeze pages for the Blog Marketing Blueprint Course:

Stay tuned they’ll be launched shortly.

Hit The Long Ball Last

Are you marketing for the long term or short term

Description: I golfed for the first time yesterday with my son Greg. Greg’s new to golf and like any new golfer is extremely frustrated. While I’m not bound for the PGA, I can get around most courses without getting into much trouble.

Trying to explain how “golf works” to Greg I realized that good golfers are often good marketers. Think about your first visit to the Golf course or driving range.

Any hole-in-ones??? Did every club and shot come easily and without effort?

This is exactly the same as your marketing and business. It’s a learning process. Golf and Marketing use the same principles. Learn one and I’m betting you can apply how you’ve learned it to the other!

How To Set A Default Embedded Video Size In WordPress

Embedding Videos In WordPress Posts Can Be Tough!

Have you ever been frustrated by the way WordPress embeds videos in your WordPress Posts?  I have!

There’s over 1000 WordPress and WordPress Blog Marketing Video Tutorials in the FullContact Sites Course library, so I’ve got to be careful when I embed video tutorials.   I’m constantly checking to see if it will show up correctly on all types of devices like smartphones, tablets and notebooks?  What format should it be?  Can anyone steal the video… stuff like that.

I’ve also got to keep track of what plugin if any I’m using to embed or protect the individual videos.  For example JW Player uses a shortcode and the Amember billing and membership software uses a shortcode in each post to hide or show the content.   This makes it really tough to change directions with the technology your using in your WordPress site if you are charging for Memberships.

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Which Headline Performs Best?

FullContact eMail Split Testing

I’m running headline split tests this week when I send our daily podcasts and member updates to our FullContact List.

The cool thing is that Split Testing is part of our Email Autoresponder Service, there’s no extra charge for it.  I pick the two campaigns I want to sent, each with a different headline.  The software sends the emails in equal amounts randomly to the complete list and in my case, tracks which headline gets opened more often.

This is just one form of split testing and one that everyone should be using!

I’m testing two different headline formats, one a bold benefit the other a question.  I’ll update everyone later in the week after checking which format of Headline worked best.

Audio Ads Inserted Into Live Internet Radio Streams

Managed WordPress Hosting

Get more traffic with Audio Ads

My Internet Radio station “MySmallBiz Radio” streams live 24/7 with WordPress and WordPress Marketing interviews, tips and case studies.  It’s almost like having a fulltime salesperson at my disposal.

Until today my salesperson has been handcuffed by the fact that I wasn’t allowing him/her to do any selling.  I didn’t have any ads playing in the live stream.

That all changed today when I setup the radio show to insert a specific add every 14 minutes based on what was being broadcast.   For example if the show being broadcast was about WordPress you’ll hear ads for my Managed WordPress Hosting service.   If the time slot is about marketing you’ll be directed in the audio add to the Online Selling University Courses.

Resources Mentioned:

Squeeze Page Examples:


This Course Has Been Stolen The Most

Out of all the books I’ve written and courses I’ve created, this one is has been stolen, passed around and otherwise hacked more than anything I’ve published!

Get Ranked 1st On Google contains 30 step-by-step lessons that became the basis of my Hub and Spoke Marketing system.   This weekend I dusted this $97 course off and after going through it I was reminded how far ahead of it’s time the whole entire Hub and Spoke idea was.

Read moreThis Course Has Been Stolen The Most

Social Media Posting System

It surprised me that so many people are still dragging their feet when it comes to posting to Social Media Networks.   Social Media networking is to traffic what Google rankings were in the early days of Internet Marketing.

I’m sure you’d agree if you were around to see the early days of Getting Ranked 1st On Google! 🙂

I think there’s a good reason for the dragging feet issue facing most marketers – time or lack of it.   Posting to Social media networks take way too long to do on a consistent basis and consistency is what makes great social media marketers.

The other reason lack of accountability.   What and who is really coming to you from a Facebook post or a tweet?  Do you really know, is it easy to measure the effectiveness of a single post?

In the past I suffered from these same issues but I think I’ve come up with a simple system that makes posting super quick and easy to track.

Here what’ I’m doing:

1.  I Only post to My WordPress Blogs

2 I use our FullContact Press Software to automatically post to 50 Social networks.

It’s all automated, brings traffic back to my WordPress site and it’s easy to track.   If you’d like to see it in action you’ll find this post on my FullContactSites Facebook Page ( and a bunch of other social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Plurk, Slashdot, Google+)  and all I had to do was make a post.

Stay tuned and I’ll share a simple way to track all these posts.

Next Time Your Thinking About Social Media Conversions

Consider this latest infographic from Shopify who releases some interesting stats from all the traffic and conversions they tracked in their online shopping cart service.

According to Shopify…

It’s interesting to note that Shopify analyzed 37 million social visits to its client stores, and found that those led to 529,000 total ecommerce sales for 2013. Given that Shopify sold $1.7 billion worth of goods in 2013, and that the survey covered data gathered from 90,000 online storefronts, that’s not a huge amount of money derived from social channels. But there are some key caveats to consider, the biggest being that many merchants don’t invest much in social or use it as a sales channel at all in fact.

As for what does work in social media commerce, Facebook is still at the top of the heap in terms of converting social shares to ecommerce dollars. FB was responsible for 63 percent of all social media visits to Shopify stores in 2013, or a total of 23.3 million, and around 85 percent of all orders made following social visits came from FB, too. Polyvore surprisingly generates the highest average order value of any social site, and Instagram is high, too. Both have higher average orders than Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Instagram is doing well despite the fact that clickable links are accessible only via an account’s biography. Facebook’s conversion rate rules, however, with 1.85 percent of visits converting to sales.

The most interesting stat from the article in TechCrunch  for me was that  “the biggest being that many merchants don’t invest much in social or use it as a sales channel at all in fact”

You can read the full article here:

Get Ranked First On Google Domain Renewed

Get Ranked First On Google Was One of My Very First Products.

.. and It was also the basis for the Hub and Spoke Marketing system that I still use today!

So when my domain which is over 10 years old now and keyword rich came up for renewal this week I didn’t hesitate.   It’s mine again for another couple of years and definitely one that I will hold on too.

Today it’s just pointing the list of FullContact Courses, tomorrow I’ll be adding it to the Online Selling University Campus.

Stay Tuned!

Create Unlimited Info Products From Your Digital Exhaust

Do you have a Digital Exhaust?

You bet you do and you better be capturing it!

Listen to today’s podcast and you’ll learn a simple way to create unlimited info products from your digital exhaust.

Here’s some examples of info products created directly from Digital Exhaust:

Next time your working on or near your computer/smartphone/tablet think about creating your next product.

Are You Being Snowed By Online Marketing?

This has been a COLD Winter!

We’ve even had a ton of snow with all the freezing temperatures which makes things even less bearable.   What’s making things miserable for me as an online marketer is that there continues to be a ton of customers still being snowed by online marketers who are making promises that they can’t keep.

Listen to today’s podcast and ask yourself if you’re being snowed next time your prodded into buying yet another product online.

WordPress Attack for March 6th

All our managed WordPress hosting accounts are protected by wordfence… and here’s one reason why.

We’re seeing an unusually large WordPress attack underway. Our automated alert system triggered and posted to FB and Twitter earlier today. It is peaking at 40,000 attacks per minute currently. Normal attack frequency is around 2000 attacks per minute.

The attack started at 7:30 AM Pacific Time this morning. It is still underway. The nature of the attack is a large botnet that is generating a huge number of failed WordPress login attempts.

Our managed wordpress hosting services include 12 key headache removers for WordPress bloggers who want to spend time working on they’re business instead of on their Blog.