Use These Graphics For $15 Commissions

Use these graphics for an easy $15/month Commission.

It’s a simple Big Fat Claim!

Unlimited WordPress Support, Fixes, Tweaks and Small Jobs – $69/month!

The tag line is straight forward… Sign Up

… For Worry Free Web Sites That Just Work!

When your pressed for time, hate technology, and don’t want to learn how all this stuff fits together!

So in keeping thing simple we’ve created some straight forward affiliate graphics that you can use on your sites to generate an easy $15 every month for every sale that comes for your referral.  These are just a couple of the new tools available to affiliates and partners.

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New Graphics You Can Use Today






In addition to these graphics we’ve also added email copy and replicated sites that you can use to give away great resources like the all the WordPress Training Course available at

Use Branded PDF’s

Make Your Products and Services Easy To Promote

Description: Affiliates by nature are lazy… in a good way.
When given the opportunity it’s Human nature to try and get more by doing less.  That’s why branded PDF marketing materials do so well.
Watch this video where I show you how to make personalized, affiliate enabled copies of a product available to affilaites to promote.  All the work is done for the affiliate, all they have to do is give away their personal branded copies.

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Getting Started As An Affiliate

I’m convinced that the best marketers are probably good golfers. Here’s why!
Running Time: 14 Minutes

Description: I golfed for the first time yesterday with my son Greg. Greg’s new to golf and like any new golfer is extremely frustrated. While I’m not bound for the PGA, I can get around most courses without getting into much trouble.

Trying to explain how "golf works" to Greg I realized that good golfers are often good marketers. Think about your first visit to the Golf course or driving range.

Any hole-in-ones??? Did every club and shot come easily and without effort?

This is exactly the same as your marketing and business. It’s a learning process. Golf and Marketing use the same principles. Learn one and I’m betting you can apply how you’ve learned it to the other!

If you want to learn how to market consistenly click here.

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Affiliate Math – Learning About Leverage

Stuck With No List – No Product and No Idea What To Do?

Then this is the video for you.

Running Time: 22 Minutes

Description: I’m answering a common question today. How can I possibly get started when I have 2 people on my email list, no traffic and no product…. Here’s my answer!

This video gives you the exact steps you can use to start building revenue, your list AND the joint venture partners that can form the foundation of a successful online business. I’ve included these steps so anyone starting out can use them to at least get started.

Once you understand "Affiliate Math" you’ll learn the power of leverage.

This is a special video becuase I’ve included a secret at the end for non members. Make sure to watch it to the end if you are not yet a member of the site.

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Guarantee Your Success Online With One Of These…

Running Time: 13 Minutes

Description: You can guarantee your success online when you have one of these. Without one you can do everything right and still struggle. The scarry part is that you need this in any business, in fact it’s the foundation of a well thought out business.

Once you decide on a "B.F.C." all of your marketing efforts will seem to fit into place, just like a jigsaw puzzle you’ve done a thousand times before. Watch this video to learn if your business has what it takes!

More Resources: Ad copy and web copy skills take time to develop. Often referred to as salesmanship in print, becoming a persuasion writer requires help.

MySmallBizUniversity: Join Now And Get Everything You Need In One Place!

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How To Generate Free Easy Traffic

Running Time: 15 Minutes

I added a video a month or so ago after being exposed to a ton of Blog Spam and Article Spam. It was titled Adsense NonSense and in it I took a look at how some marketers were filling their sites with junk in order to earn Adsense revenue. Well this video is a follow up of sorts.


Because in it I start to reveal how I invested about $200 and launched 3 web sites in 24 hours that are generating traffic to my network of sites…..

… without using any of my own content!

… without adding junk to my sites!

Find out what I’m doing in this video.

Resources Mentioned:

MySmallBizUniversity: Join Now And Get Everything You Need In One Place!

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