Master WordPress Hosting With These Free cPanel Videos

Last week I send you links to 44 Video Tutorials from two WP Blog Support courses.

  • WordPress Basics
  • WordPress SEO Secrets

… today I’ve got another 20 WordPress/Hosting related tutorials from another great course entitled:

cPanel Hosting Control Panel Basics – 0$

** There’s no money or registration required – Enjoy!

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Install WordPress With cPanel and Fantastico

If you have and existing web hosting account… this video will apply if they include cPanel and Fantastico in their web hosting package.  We’ll be learning how to do a basic WorPress install with Fantastico in this video.   It’s an easy way to install the WordPress software, much easier than manually downloading and installing, but still has some limitations that you should be aware of.

  • Did the current version of the WordPress software get installed?
  • Are the MySQL database and Admin usernames and passwords random and secure enough?

I’m also assuming that you have at this point got:

  1. A hosting account with cPanel and fantasitico
  2. A domain name registered

If you do that’s fine watch the video and you’ll learn how to use cPanel for the WordPress install.  If you don’t have hosting setup yet please consider letting FullContact do all this work for you!

A FullContact Sites hosting plan includes a free domain name and we do all the install and configuration for you.

Installing WordPress:

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