Old School WordPress Installation

Install WordPress

Duration: 5 Minute Screen Capture

Description: Getting started with WordPress if you don’t have a proper WordPress Host like Full Contact can be troublesome for online beginners.  Take a look at this old video from my original WordPress Mastery series which required software downloads, ftp accounts and programs like WinZip just to get the software installed!

You don’t need any of this technical confusion with your Managed WordPress Hosting Account from FullContact!

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WordPress Step by Step Video Tutorials and Checklists

Learn How To Create A Profitable WordPress Blog With the Newest Version of  WordPress

 No technical expertise required – these step-by-step video tutorials are designed specifically for beginners and intermediate WordPress Users.

Managed WordPress Hositng PDF Download

Blogging Secrets PDF Workbook and Video Tutorials – Click Here

Would you like to know how YOU too can build profit pulling niche blogs? My latest series “WordPress 3.8 Videos” will teach you exactly just that.

Hi. James Maduk here, the author of Blogging Secrets and all of the other videos available with FullContact Sites Managed WordPress Hosting Membership. I’ve been blogging since 2001 and since that time I’ve setup and torn down more blogs than a demolition expert.

More importantly MY CUSTOMERS have set up more Blogs and RSS feeds than I can possibly keep track of. In fact many of my first customers have published their own books on Blogging since watching my videos.

In the last 4 years I’ve authored over 1000 small business marketing videos. The kind of step-by-step and easy to follow training sessions that literally ‘take you by the hand’ so you are in complete control. The bottom line is that you are going to learn exactly what you need to know AND how to do it!

More Downloads

Download the Interactive PDF Checklist

Download the PDF Checklist

WordPress Niche Blogs…
While Blogging may not have reached the main stream for the public, the use of a WordPress Blog is the hottest marketing marketing tool available nowadays. In the overly crowded and competitive field of internet marketing, marketers have started to branch out into niche markets with the help of niche sites that pulls in cash like crazy for them.

This WordPress Master Video shows you EXACTLY how to set up your very own WordPress Blog site without…

…all the work goes into building a niche site, such as keeping track and updating the links every time a new article is added, not to mention getting the search engines to visit your site.

A WordPress Blog is the ideal way to build your online business, just look at what’s covered.

If you’re stuck without our Managed WordPress Hosting services, we’ll even show you how to download and preparing your existing web hosting account to get ready for the WordPress Software installation!

Watch over 25 Free Step By Step WordPress Videos and Learn: Setup, Configuration, Customization and Posting.  You’ll learn everything you need to start Blogging Today!  After WordPress is installed you’ll know:

  1. How To Change The Look and Feel Of Your WordPress Blog With Themes
  2. How To Edit Themes To Customize Them For Your Site
  3. How To Write Your First Post
  4. How To Edit All Of Your Posts
  5. How To Write And Then Edit WordPress Pages – Hint This Is One Of Word Press’ Most Powerful and Underutilized Features
  6. Organize your Posts With Categories
  7. Learn How To Harness the power of Links
  8. Edit & Manage Link Categories
  9. Advanced Posting Strategies and Link Strategies
  10. How To Add A PodCast To Your Post
  11. Extend Your WordPress Blog With Free Plugin Software
  12. Easily Tweak Your WordPress Installation With These Options
  13. Interact With Your Fans and Business Community With These Discussion Features
  14. Learn how to manage and control blog spam
  15. Add Users and Manage Permissions
  16. Make Your Blog Irresistible To Search Engines With This Simple Tweak
  17. Save Your Time and Effort Import Your Existing Blog Posts
  18. BookMarklets and Advanced Posting Techniques For Quick Profit Posts.
  19. Automatically Add Revenue Producing Amazon, Yahoo, Chikita, Adsense and Kontera Ads to EVERY Post And Page.
  20. Setting Up Your RSS Feeds

Add Images Audios and Videos To Your Media Library

WordPress makes it easy to manage all your images, mp3 files and videos.

Description: Adding and organizing posts with categories is easy in WordPress.  The part that gets tough is trying to keep track of all the images and rich media that gets added to all your posts and pages.

Thankfully WordPress 3.6 includes an Media Library that makes all your content easy to keep organized.  Here’s a quick tutorial that introduces you to the Media Library in WordPress.  Make sure to follow the suggestions for proper Search engine optimization when  you’re adding your multimedia content.

Get Managed WordPress Hosting

Add Multimedia to Every Post

Pictures are worth a thousand words…

so make sure to add rich multimedia like images and videos to the posts that you make.   Adding images and videos, even podcasts has been made easier with this version of WordPress.

With the new post format types and the “Add Media” button a compelling rich content experience is a great way to inform, persuade and influence your readers.

This screen capture shows you exactly how to insert media directly into your posts, and pages.

Learn all the Blogging Secrets.

How To Organize Your WordPress Blog With Categories

Categories make it easy to direct the flow of your Blog and focus on key posts.

Duration: 15 Minute Screen Capture

Description: Organize your WordPress Blog with categories.  There’s a number of special considerations when using WordPress Categories that revolve around assigning multiple categories to individual posts.

There’s also a limit to the number of categories that you add and how deeply they are nested.  The easiest way to make the best use of the WordPress category function is to spend time BEFORE you add content mapping out the flow you want your visitors to take as they consume your information.

Structure your content first, then assign the content to a corresponding category.  Here are some things to think about while you’re organizing your posts:

  1. Do I want flat categories or nested categories?
  2. Am I linking menus to categories that are nested or flat?
  3. Do I want my listings of individual posts from nested categories to be displayed in the root category blog?

Happy Blogging

Beyond The Basic Options In WordPress

While a default setup may work for many Bloggers, chances are that you’ll want to tweak your installation.

Duration: 9 Minute Screen Capture

Description: Tweak your basic WordPress blog with this video. Configuration and settings are all over in WordPress. Take the time to understand what each setting is for and how to use it in a way that supports the goal of your Blog.

I go throught each setup tab in this video and cover many of the variations that you might need to get the best performance from your site.

How To Create and Place WordPress Menus

A well structured Blog Menu means the difference between giving your visitors a detailed map or asking them to discover all your information for themselves.

A WordPress Menu is a powerful tool if used correctly.

Description: This WordPress video tutorial goes over the creation of WordPress menus and more importantly how to display the multiple menus in various locations in your WordPress powered Blog.

Each WordPress theme includes one or more locations for menus to be placed.   Depending on which theme you have active on your site you may be limited….

If you’re stuck we’ve got additional plugins that will allow you to display a menu as a widget in selected sidebars.  Placing what ever menu you have widgets, removes the themes menu limits. You should definitely watch this session twice, the first time to get an understanding of how menus work and a second time after you’ve written down some ideas for menu links and locations on your site.

Learn More Blogging Secrets

How To Edit and Update Blog Posts

Blog Post Edits

Need to make changes to an existing Blog Post?

This video tutorial makes it easy to edit any blog post (or page) using the WordPress HTML editor.  I’ve also included some advanced posting tips including the inclusion of images, videos and mp3 files into your blog Post.

Play around, get comfortable and remember you can always go back and change every aspect of your blog post.

Blog Away!

How To Make Your Very First WordPress Post

Get Started Blogging With Your Very First WordPress Post!

There’s a secret to getting started with a WordPress Blog.  Post Often!

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes when you’re just starting to post to your WordPress Blog.  This new version of WordPress makes posting even easier with the new “post formats” features that are part of the built in WordPress editor.  Make mistakes, see how different types of posts look, play with the formatting options and have fun.

I’ve also included additional videos that reveal additional posting options, for example including videos and audio files in every post you create.

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Drop Dead Easy Videos

Struggling With Online Video?

EasyVideoSuite, the most powerful video marketing software available,is now live.

Get all the details here.

You can now  record, edit, publish, market and track all your videos (and increase your profits) with one easy-to-use solution.

…And get my special bonus of access to my updated WordPress Mastery Course here at MySmallBiz University.  You’ll Learn How To Build Your Business Online With WordPress And Videos!

So here’s the deal…

To get my EasyVideoSuite bonus, this is what you do:

  1. Get EasyVideoSuite through me using this link:  Easy Video Suite With WordPress Mastery.
  2. Forward your Clickbank receipt to me@ info@mysmallbizu.com

I’ll send you a registration link for WordPress Mastery shortly thereafter. Any questions?  See you in the membership area!

P.S. Remember, not only will you have the most powerful video marketing software available in EasyVideoSuite… (That’s going to save you a ton of time and send your profits through the roof)

…You’ll also have the perfect bonus of the WordPress Mastery if you get it through my link right now. Get all the details here.

P.S.S. When you’re ready to complete your online education join MySmallBiz University for instant access to 62 Courses and over 1000 multimedia lessons. Create a Username.

How To Create Whiteboad Videos

Running Time: 13 Minutes

Description: I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how I manage to create so many videos. I’ve done over 1500 in the last 5 years! I’ve created so many videos that I even created 52 products in 52 days.

From start to finish this video took about 30 minutes. It sometimes takes me longer to write this little description than it does to capture and encode the video.

Most videos take a lot longer to produce… and require your precious time and money to get done. My system is quick, effective and most importantly – inexpensive.

For training purposes the whiteboard can’t be beat and that’s why I’ve done so many of them. Watch this training session then and you’ll learn how easy it is to get started, I’ve included the resources I use below and will answer any of your questions in the forum.

Of course if you don’t already have a full membership for this site, you should upgrade your account – and you get access to all of the course mentioned in the video free.

MySmallBiz University: Join Now And Get Everything You Need In One Place!

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BFD-17: Subscribe To RSS Feeds

How To Subscribe To An RSS Feed With Your Reader Software

Running Time: 11 Minutes

Description: Have you seen those orange chicklet graphics on websites? Some say "RSS" others "XML", these small graphics tell you that there is an RSS feed available on the site your are browsing. If you are still confused by all this blogging stuff, my Blogging Secrets course will give you some great information.

This session shows you exactly how to subscribe to a RSS feed. You’ll learn the two type of subscription methods and more importantly how you can make it easy for your subscribers to find your feed. Watch this video now and learn how to make the best of your RSS feed.

This is a bonus session added to the "Blogging Secrets" course.

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BFD-09: Follow These Exact Steps

Follow These Exact Steps To Get Started With Your Own Blog

Duration: 10 Minute Whiteboard Session

Description: Do you think you’re ready to Blog? OK start!

I’ve shown you how to start a Blog. We’ve gone over some of the longer term issues and ideas, now is the time to think about how you can use a Blog as your primary marketing tool. In fact, after this session you’ll see how easy it is to build your online business around a “Blogging Strategy”.

In this session, I lay out a complete step-by-step process for you to follow. Take the time to watch it a couple of times and you’ll have a universal roadmap that gives you specific directions for your business.

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HCP-11: Forward Email To Multiple People

Send The Same Email To Multiple Recipients

Description: Often times multiple team members may need to receive the same email. There’s an easy way to accomplish this right within the Hosting Control Panel.

The web hosting control panel makes it easy to get a handle on managing your email accounts. Watch this video and I’ll show you exactly how easy it is to have a single message automatically directed to as many recipients as you want.

This isn’t the only way, however it works well for teams of virtual workers such as a virtual assistant or support staff that are no directly employed by your company.

Duration: 6
Minute Video Screen Capture

Remember paying members get unlimited domain hosting for free.

[jwplayer file=http://videos.mysmallbizu.com/hcpemailforwarding.flv]

HCP-10: How To Get Rid Of Email Spam

Description: Don’t you hate email spam????

The web hosting control panel makes it easy to get a handle on email spam. There are two specific actions you can take.

  1. Don’t use a “default email address” as a catchall account.
  2. Enable the Spam Detection software included with your web hosting control panel.

Watch these videos and I’ll show you exactly how easy it is to have complete control over your online business. Manage email accounts, domains, databases, and other settings with some simple clicks.

Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to Access Your Private Web Hosting Control panel and put an end to Spam.

Duration: 10 Minute Video Screen Capture

Remember paying members get unlimited domain hosting for free.

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52P-01: How To Create 52 Info Products in 52 Days

52 Products in 52 Days!

Running Time: 22 Minutes

Description: If you are even remotely interested in building a business online you owe it to yourself to watch this amazing course. I really did create over 52 saleable products in under 52 days and these videos show you exactly how I did it. Selling information products is important to every small business, even if they sell a physical product. Watch how I leveraged some simple and inexpensive technology to pump out products on a daily basis.


Make sure to check out the rest of the Create Product courses, especially those relating to multimedia and screen captures.

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Upload Your WordPress Software and Run The Install

Watch A Live WordPress Blogging Software Install. It’s easier than you think when you can watch a step by step install!

Duration: 15 Minute Screen Capture

Description: These are 3 screen captures of a live WordPress Blogging Software install. Join me as I run thru a guided install of the powerful WordPress Blogging Software and learn the easy steps that make WordPress the favorite Blogging Software that it is.

In the previous section we downloaded the free WordPress Software and unzipped it to your local machine, uploaded the files to our web host – MySmallBiz Hosting and then create a database.

Once the files are uploaded watch as I run through the installation script to setup the default blog and make sure that your new WordPress Blog is working correctly.

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HCP-01: How To Create Your Web Hosting Account

Description: Have you created your Free Hosting Account? MySmallBizU.Com members who have upgraded to get coaching get a free account that includes hosting for unlimited domains. I wanted the MySmallbizU site to include everything that you could possibly need to run an online business. As a result I create a web hosting company specifically for members.

If you are a premium member, or a coaching client it’s easy to get started, open a support ticket at http://www.mysmallbizusupport.com and we’ll get you setup.

Otherwise open a Unlimited Web Hosting account at our Web Hosting Company MySmallBiz Hosting.

This easy to use web hosting service gives you complete control over your online business. Manage email accounts, domains, databases, and other settings with some simple clicks.

Watch this video for detailed instructions on how to create your Web Hosting Account and Access Your Private Control panel.

Duration: 10 Minute Video Screen Capture

Remember paying members get unlimited domain hosting for free.

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MME-16: What Is A CODEC

What Is A Codec

Running Time: 20 Minutes

Description: This is about as technical as it gets! A Codec’s is the software built into your computer that COMPRESSES your raw audio files when you encode them and then DECOMPRESSES the audio file when your customers play your audio files with.

For example if you use RealNetworks Helix Producer Basic, you will be encoding your raw file with Real Networks Version 9 CODEC.

When your customer listens to the audio file with the RealONE player, the RealONE player DECOMPRESSES the audio file and the customer hears your audio. The bottom line is that your customer’s machine must have a player that has the "same CODEC installed" as the one that you encoded it on. The current version of RealOne’s Codec is Version 9. If your customer has an older version of the Real Player they won’t be able to listen to your file because the version 9 codec isn’t installed.

To fix this problem, media player software has the ability to download new CODEC’s as they become available. You shouldn’t have to worry about updating your customer’s media player software.

Today, you might run into problems when your customer’s media player doesn’t support the CODEC you encoded with. A good example is people who only have the Windows Media Player installed on their machines. If you send them an Apple QuickTime .mov file, they can’t play it. If you send them a Real .rm file they can’t play it. Microsoft only wants you to use their Windows Media CODEC.

Before you decide on how you are going to encode your files, do some with your potential customers and find out which players they have installed and if they are able to use an alternative player if they need to.

Of all the media players, RealONE is the most flexible. The Realnetworks strategy is "play every CODEC". If you have RealONE installed you can watch QuickTime and Windows media files and all of the latest Real Codecs.

Resource Links:

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MME-08: Start With This Software

What Software Do I Need?

Running Time: 10 Minutes

Description: You can start with the basic sound recorder built in to your operating system or spend thousands of dollars for a professional editing suite. My recommendation is to pick up a basic Home Video Editing package and use it.

For approx. $75 you can get a capable capture, edit and encoding software, that gives you professional sounding audio.

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MME-01: How To Author, Create and Sell Multimedia E-Books

How To Author, Create, Publish And Sell Your Own Audio Ebooks In Only Minutes

Having Trouble Writing a Book? Discover the secrets that I use to spit out profitable Audio and Video multimedia ebooks.

  • Instant Publishing
  • Unheard of Profit Margins
  • No Competition

Easily differentiate yourself from everyone selling boring “text only” ebooks which costs more, a text book or an audio CD/tape set?

Build Your Brand and Become Recognized as a speaker, author and publisher”

If you want the stability of financial independence and a healthy passive income stream from selling your own product online, the feeling of prestige and pride that comes from being an accomplished publisher and author, and if you want to get paid for what you already know and do… then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read.

Here’s why: I’ll teach you how I created “360 multimedia ebooks in the last 360 days”. In fact, you will be able to author and create your own wickedly profitable multimedia ebooks in only minutes – even if you consider yourself a shy tongue tied computer novice. It doesn’t even matter if you shy away from any opportunity to speak in public or think you sound like “Pee-Wee Herman” when you talk!

Now that’s certainly a big fat claim, but let me show you how it’s very possible, in fact, quite straightforward to turn out your own best selling multimedia ebooks using the methods I’ll teach you in my new multimedia ebook…

Multimedia Ebooks Generate Huge Profits Multimediaebooks.com You need a proven expert to guide you straight through the maze of options… with no bull!

And I’ve created over 1000 multimedia ebooks!

As a explosive “results only” sales and marketing consultant, author and professional speaker I’m called the most “prolific” multimedia author online today.

  • My first multimedia ebook made me $17,000 in only 3 weeks!
  • I’ve has published over 200 hours of online training material – including 440 multimedia ebooks.
  • I authored, created, published and sold an multimedia ebook (3 hours of audio content) in only 3 hours and 15 minutes….and what makes that even more amazing I didn’t have to write a thing!
  • Authors and professional speakers regularly pay me as much as $1,500 to consult with him via email about their books!

If you want to find out about multimedia for your next project you need a plan with step-by-step details! … From an expert that is actually doing what he teaches.

I’ve created and sell multimedia ebooks and info-products online each and every day on my 90 web sites. I’ve helped thousands of small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent professionals who want to get paid for what they know online.

So if you want to learn how to quickly and profitably turn out your own best selling internet products – I can help you do it through this ground-breaking multimedia ebook!

Running Time: 12 Minutes

Description: This is a basic introduction to the two main types of ebook creation software and the differences between a traditional ebook and an audio ebook or multimedia ebook.

Resource Links: I recommend two pieces of software for creating audio ebooks. My first choice is Microsoft Word which outputs directly to Adobe PDF files.  The second is the open source office suite called Open Office which also outputs to Adobe Acrobat.  I do not recommend using any of the software programs that bundle html pages or word documents to an “exe”, or software program that installs on your customers PC.

The cool part is that your ebook is finished as soon as you stop talking! Stop waiting for time consuming edits and layout changes Why? Because having your own multimedia e-book means..

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