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FullContact Sites Managed WordPress Includes:

Online marketing video tutorialsNew WordPress Online Marketing Lessons Added Daily – FullContact Courses and FullContact Blueprint Map

Up to the minute lessons cover the basics to the advanced with anytime video classes hosted by our esteemed faculty. Find out about new resources, tactics and strategies… as they happen.  Supplemental study guides help you through all you need to know about the videos.



Online marketing video tutorialsStep-by-Step WordPress Video Tutorials – and A FullContact Courses Campus Pass

Big Books = No Time! I’ve never had the time to read a huge e-book, (or remembered what was in it) have you? I’m sure there’s great information in some of them, It just takes too long to get to the point. The majority of adults are visual learners, that’s why the Members Site contains the largest collection of Internet Marketing Multimedia Tutorials available online. 1000 Video Tutorials – packed with “Street Tested – How To” marketing strategies. You can’t find this type of experience captured anywhere else.


Online marketing video tutorialsInteractive Webinars and TeleClasses – FullContact Classes

Ever had a marketing problem that you couldn’t find the answer for – no matter how hard you looked? Now you’ll never be stranded again. As a FullContact Sales Systems member you get direct phone access to me 4 times each week. I’m available to answer your specific questions, you’ll finally get the answers you need to move forward.  Support and answers to all your hardest questions are always just one click away.



Online marketing video tutorialsDetailed Mind Maps, Cheat Sheet and Workbooks – FullContact Blueprint WordPress Marketing Map

Want to ensure you stay on track with what you’ve been learning? Follow the step-by-step mind maps, checklist and workbooks to ensure that you’re “getting it”.  Take advantage of our download library with Free Graphics and WordPress Themes.  You’ll have instant access to over 2000  images and 1500 Custom WordPress Themes  plus any of the 50,000 Articles from the Full Contact Articles Directory.


Live WordPress and Marketing Support (*Priceless)

Call in and get direct answers to your questions.  Comment on every video interact, brainstorm and learn from your peers. You’re now longer limited to a cramped and moderated forum. Every article, every video, every tidbit inside the site is open for comment. Want an different example or have question about using a idea in your unique situation?

Managed WordPress Hosting and Support

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“FullContact Managed WordPress Hosting” provides you with an easy to follow process and teaches you exactly how to get your piece of the pie!

Mark my words. If you do no act now, you may well ask yourself a couple of weeks from now, “What if I had listened to James Maduk’s advice and got started as with ‘Managed WordPress Hosting” from Full Contact?  What could have happened to my bank account by now? How much more money would I have earned since then?  Did I make a mistake?

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Additional FullContact  – Services, Tools and Resources

Automatic Social Media Posting – FullContact Press

No time to post to all the important Social Media services?  Still want the benefits they provide without the headaches?  Use FullContact Press to automatically post all your WordPress Blog updates to over 50 Social Media sites.  With links back directly to your WordPress Blogs you’ll get enjoy a flood of targeted traffic and new leads.

Automated Email Marketing – FullContact Email

Email Marketing is easy when you get started the right way. If your even the least bit scared off by the thought of Starting a Newsletter or marketing your small business with automated sequential emails Full Contact Email Autoresponder Service gets you started the right way! Your free account provides everything in one place including a complete library of gorgeous ready to send newsletter and email templates!

Live Real Time Tracking and Analytics – FullContact Tracking

 Full Contact Tracking is a real time web analytics service – monitor, analyze, and react to visitor traffic in real time.  Instant access your live data in real time.  You are seeing your stats as they happen, up to the minute data and insight to real people. Most services don’t let you see what’s happening “today” until the day after.

Shoutcast Internet Radio Stations – FullContact Show

Start hosting your own Internet Radio Station and put your small business  marketing on autopilot with Full Contact Show!  Ever wanted to be a Talk Show Host?  Our easy to use and completely automated Internet Radio station service makes it easy to get your message out…. “No Experience Required”!